Empty Church, People Join Mass Online at Home

oleh -77 Dilihat

ATAMBUA, METRODUNIA.ID– Today Sunday, March 29, 2020 it looks like all churches throghout Indonesia and even the world is empty. No Christian goes to church from morning to night.

Because due to corona Virus Desease 2019 all christians attend Sunday mass online at home. Not only in Indonesia but in Rome, the Vatican also looks lonely in every church.

From example, in the Maumere City Spiritu Santo Misir Parish, only pastors Christian Rudy Parera and Rian Da Chun together with liturgical officers who made mass online and people followet through online broadcastas

Addition, the Santa Maria Imaculata Atambua Cathedral Parish in Atambua City, the border of East Timores held a mass online this morning and people followed at their homes.


Report/ Editor : Agustinus Bobe